Daily Archives: February 6, 2009

E-pistle January 30

One Good Year
Becky and I passed our first anniversary in Langhorne and at LPC this past week and give great thanks for all that God has done.  I'll save ministry outcomes and strategic planning for annual reports and session meetings.  For now, blessing counting will do.  In no particular order, we give thanks to God for these first 365 days in Langhorne and at LPC during which we were blessed in many ways:

  • Wonderful friends in the LPC congregation.  We often talk about the kind of friendships where you pick up right where you left off no matter how long you've been apart.  With so many of you there is a sense that we've known you for a long time even though it's been a short time.  Thanks for opening yourselves to us.
  • A year ago we were anxious about selling our house in Beaver and finding a new place to live here in Bucks County.  A gracious offer of temporary lodging provided exactly enough time for God to find a buyer for our old house and the perfect Langhorne house for this new season of life. 
  • Becky wasn't sure what God had in mind as far as her employment went, but within the same ten days that the Beaver house sold and we made an offer on our Langhorne house, doors opened at a local alternative energy company and it's now been over ten months of challenging and satisfying work at Fibrowatt.
  • We enjoyed running through Tyler State Park, paddle boating at Core Creek and walking along the towpath along the Raritan Canal.
  • The incredible privilege of seeing and hearing how God has been at work in so many of your lives.  You've shared some tough times and some joyous times.  You've described moments of grace and episodes of challenge.  In and through it all you see God at work and are willing to tell others about it.  We have gotten to know God just a little better for one year in this part of the Body of Christ known as LPC

Yes, the markets are down and anxiety has grown.  2008 seems to have raised many more questions than answers.  But here is an answer that is always true and which we have heard shouted and displayed throughout the past 365 days:  God is very good!!!