E-pistle February 6

Off to Guatemala
Last night the members of the Guatemala Mission Team received a welcoming email from our Guatemalan hosts, Roberto and Ita Santizo.  They said in part (and slightly edited):

It has been wonderful to know about the enthusiasm and excitement that the Lord has put in the hearts of the members of the mission team coming to Guatemala. We are ready to welcome you all.

Through the emails to Jorge, we have been following all the process of the preparation for your trip to our country, and we are also very happy end excited about having you all working together with us for our great Lord and serving the people in Santiago Atitlan.

Our enthusiasm grows with the expectation about the possibility of a long term partnership between Langhorne Presbyterian Church and Promised Land Ministries. We are praying for you all and the mission trip, so the Lord will show His presence in all this.

We want you to know that we thank God for giving us the opportunity to be doing this mission work with the support of the wonderful people from the Langhorne Presbyterian Church. On behalf of the Santizo family and the PLM mission staff, welcome to Guatemala! And thank you for joining us with a heart for missions.

See you soon. Blessings to you all,

Roberto and Ita Santizo

Our trip begins tomorrow morning at 4:00 in the church parking lot.  Plans have been made.  A half of ton of medicines and drugs has been packed.  Passports are ready.  We have mission trip pros and rookies on our team. But first timer or vet, none of know exactly what God has in store for us.
Here's a great reminder of the February, 2008, trip (it's a seven and a half minute You Tube video – well worth your time). The sights and sounds of this year's trip are likely to be very similar, but this is 2009 and God always works in the present.  The first task of each travel team member will be to discern God's present action as we meet our new friends, acclimate to a new place, discover the details or our work assignments and begin to serve as ambassadors for the love of God along the shores of Lago de Atitlan. 
At last night's Faith Acts class one of the participants reminded us of the story in Acts 17 when Paul and Silas begin to share the Good News in Thessalonica.  One of the new converts, a man named Jason, is hauled before the governing authorities and accused of harboring those "who have turned the world upside down."
Of course, it's unlikely that a ragtag band of Langhorne Presbyterians are going to turn the world upside down during just one week in Guatemala.  But turning the world upside down is one of God's favorite activities and he uses people just like us to do it.  One life at a time.  Please pray that, one life at a time, your travel team members see a God-shaped opportunity in each person they meet, beginning at 4:00 tomorrow morning.
And our promise to be praying for all of you on the home team is very sincere.  The world of Bucks County needs to be turned upside down, too, and we've got a pretty good idea of the kind of people he wants to use to do so!