Monthly Archives: March 2009

E-pistle March 27

Our Spurring, Stirring Stimulus Plan
Yesterday was payday at the church and our checks reflected the new withholding rates that are part of the Stimulus Bill that was passed by the congress and signed into law by the president. Tom Drake, our good and faithful church treasurer, had sent a notice earlier in the week alerting us to the change.  Most of you will see approximately $30.00 more in your take home pay, some more some less,” he had written.  Just about right in my case.  Continue reading

E-pistle March 20

Surprising Blessings
Thursday evenings are one of my favorite times of the week.  I love the entire FAITHActs! program from the great fellowship around the dinner table to the after-dinner studies and group times. 
Last evening was no exception. Well, actually, it was. It was an exceptional evening. The table fellowship could not have been better, so thanks to those who shared the meal with Becky and me.  You were great company!
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E-pistle March 13

One Life at a Time

I'm down to twelve more hours in Brazil; the last of seven amazing days.  Becky (who arrived home yesterday) and I have stories and remembrances on which to reflect for months to come. Our reflections will help us discover the ways God works in our lives and in the life of the world he loves so much. Continue reading