E-pistle May 8

The World’s Most Influential People – Part 2
Last week I referenced Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people.  Who am I to argue with Time magazine, but I found their list a bit lacking, so I came up with my own. 

This week I refer you to Salary.com which has a something they call a Mom Salary Wizard that allows you to compute a mother’s worth in marketplace dollars and cents.  You can customize the calculation for stay-at-home moms and working moms, number of kids at home or number of kids away, and it will adjust things according to your zip code. It doesn’t take too many variables to push the hypothetical salary a mom should command well into six figures.  By the way, the way I figure it, when our kids were at home, Becky’s salary should have been more twice what I was making as a pastor.  Well worth every penny she was never paid. 
Yes, this Mothers Day weekend, I am going to nominate mothers as the world’s most influential people.  My category is going to be “mothers who influence the world for good,” and I will modestly put my own mother and the mother of my three children at the top of the list. 
Two other mothers who will join them atop the list are those wonderful New Testament moms, Lois and Eunice. In his second letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul reminds his young protégé to remember his mother and her mother and the faith that was theirs.  Lois and Eunice are mentioned by name only once in Scripture, but by their brief mention we come to know them as mothers who passed what was most precious to them on to their children.  We don’t know exactly how Timothy came to faith in Christ, only that by the time he began his work with Paul, he was already a disciple as was his mother. Perhaps she had told her sons the stories of Jesus. 
My own mother influenced and continues to influence me in a thousand ways.  I think my mom has influenced me to love ideas and beauty, words and nature, kindness and goodness.  My mother was also a Sunday School teacher in my growing up years and I think her model and example helped make real those

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Katharine, Christopher and Alanna have their own words to tell Becky some of the myriad of ways that she has been such a mighty influence for good in their lives, but I’ve got a few myself that come from the dad’s perspective.  I believe that Becky has influenced our children first, and most importantly, to have a desire to know God as the author of all things good and beautiful, honest and praiseworthy.  Philippians 4:8 is well-known by our children.  As the primary teacher of their childhoods, Becky helped our children, each of them, to love learning for its own sake rather than as the means to a good grade or test score.  By her influence they have become critical thinkers and compassionate givers to friends and to strangers.  It’s certainly partly by her influence that our children count one another among their best friends. And then there's that sense of humor…
Yes, I think mothers are the world’s most influential people and those of the Lois and Eunice sort are the best and most influential of all.  Is there a Lois or a Eunice in your life, related by blood or maybe by the Spirit, who you can thank for being at the top of your influential people list?  Funny how that six-figure income pales in comparison to what a godly mother accomplishes in this world!