E-pistle June 19

How Would Jesus Drive?
You can’t miss the new church bus as you pull into the main parking lot, and this week you will notice that the church logo, name, web address and “Sharing the Life of Jesus” have been emblazoned across the sides and back of the bus just in time for the long youth workweek trip to Kentucky. 
Three or four of the adult leaders have passed the test and are authorized as drivers (sorry, your certification on the old van doesn’t count for the new bus – you’ll have to be re-authorized; watch for more information). I won’t mention names, but a couple of the drivers are already thinking about what it means to drive a big white bus with “Sharing the Life of Jesus” written on the sides and back, because when they’re on the interstate heading to Appalachia, no one is going to care who is in the bus, or that they’re on their way to the Redbird Mission to share the life of Jesus in word and deed.  The fact of the matter is that every turn made, every corner cut, every traffic law observed, every courtesy extended – or not extended – from behind the wheel will be a sharing of the life of Jesus.  Pray for our bus drivers!
I’ve never been too big on having one of those Jesus fish on my bumper.  Partly it’s just me.  When I got my new car, the first thing I did is remove the dealer’s license plate frame and emblem.  Okay, maybe I don’t need to provide free advertising for Mike Piazza Honda, but shouldn’t I be willing to provide some free advertising for Jesus? That’s the rub. I am advertising for Jesus and so are you and so are we together. 
Jesus tells those who would live in his Kingdom that they must not

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, but live in such a way that people see their light, their good works, and give glory to God (Matthew 5:16).  On the last night before his crucifixion, he told his friends that they were to love one another and that by that love all people would know they belonged to him (John 13:34-35).  The Apostle Paul tells us to keep our eyes open for those who know Christ and to follow their example (Philippians 3:17).
So, how would Jesus drive?  In a way that shared his life. 
Those brave LPC folks driving the new bus all the way to Kentucky need our prayers.  They have taken on a huge responsibility.  And Jesus fish or not, so have all of us in how we drive and how we speak to the annoying sales person on the phone and the irritating neighbor across the fence.  We share the life of Jesus in our behavior on the sidelines at our kids’ soccer games and in the kind of employees we are at work and students we are at school.  We share the life of Jesus in our love one for another. 
So, yeah, watch the review mirror.  You never know who might be following you.