E-pistle April 2

The Story
As we gathered last night in the Upper Room and then at the foot of the beautiful terrible cross, we were reminded of the power of the old but new every year story of God’s incredible love for us. 
In our noisy world it is sometimes hard to hear the story. In fact, there are voices, loud voices, in our world that will do their best to drown out the story as it is told. The voices of materialism and unbridled consumption, self-concern and self-protection, greed and fear, a thousand isms and a million ideologies, addiction and abuse, self-pride and self-degradation, busy schedules and over-programmed kids, financial concern and the politics of hate – they all shout for our attention hoping that we will forget, perhaps never hear, the story of God’s love.
Please, before Easter morning, read the story again. Read the story from the Upper Room to the Empty Tomb. As we gather Resurrection Day, may we sing from our hearts, “He is risen indeed!”
The Story told in:  

See you Sunday!