Monthly Archives: October 2012

October 19 – When Everyone No Longer Is

It all depends on exactly when and where it was, but most American adults grew up in an era when “everyone” was a Christian.  As recently as the early 1990’s, well over 85% of all Americans self-identified as Christian, 60% or more as Protestants and 25% as Catholics. A recent, and much talked about, study by the Pew Research Center has taken the religious pulse of the country and the news confirms what many of us have suspected. As the New York Times headline put it, Percentage of Protestant Americans Is in Steep Decline, Study Finds. Continue reading

The Seriousness of Joy

There’s enough of the news junkie in me to delight in the last few weeks of the presidential campaign. I read the columns, watch the polls and, for sure, watch the debates.

Because I am an American citizen, I will vote on November 6. Because I am a Christian, I will vote as a Christian and my faith will inform my vote. Jesus is Lord in the voting booth as much as anywhere else. As a pastor I encourage you to vote and to vote as a Christian. I cannot and will not tell you that (D) or (R) is the Christian vote. In fact, I am pretty sure that (D) and (R) are, or certainly can be, a Christian vote. Pray before you vote. Continue reading

October 5 – Welcome Home!

Sunday’s bulletin will note that the flowers in the chancel have been given by Ebenezer Diabene in honor of his family’s arrival in the United States for the very first time. If all goes well, Ebenezer’s wife, Diana, and three of his four children, Yvonne, Pearl and David, will arrive from Ghana tomorrow and be with us in worship on Sunday.  Many of you met oldest son Kingsley in August when he was here for a short visit. He has returned to Africa for his university studies.

Some of us have gotten to know Ebenezer since he became an LPC member four years ago. Those who have not yet spent time with him have a wonderful experience in store for them. Ebenezer is an incredibly faithful man with an amazing story of God’s grace and providence that has brought him – and now, finally, his family – to the United States. Continue reading