February 13 – Guatemala Diary

image Our clinic site for today and tomorrow is right here in San Lucas Toliman, as it is on many of our trips. Yesterday was a good and busy day and we are expecting the same today.

Though we stay plenty busy, there are occasional break – for lunch and sometime just to come up for air. I love talking to our doctors during those break times. I like to hear about who they have seen and what they have done. Most of what they done is what they call clinic medicine. Pains and coughs and upset stomachs are what they deal with. Every so often, though, some one whose case is very different comes into their make-shift examining room. What unfolds at those times can be a story of hope and healing or the sad reality that, at least here, there’s. to much to be done.

Some of you will remember a story from three years ago. Our team was here on a February trip and we were here in San Lucas for two clinic days. One of the doctor’s routine was broken when a young woman came to him with a very sick baby. The woman was the baby’s mother’ sister; her sister had died in childbirth and she had promised to take care of the baby. But for all her love and care the baby was not doing well. She was underweight, limp and barely responsive.

Our doctors conferred and did what they could – providing do some medicine and a promise of help. They baby would need formula and nutritional supplements in addition to whatever course of medicine was indicated. She would needs lots of prayer.

The whole team took up an end-of trip offering to help covert the cost of what this little baby would need – if she survived. When we returned to LPC, we told the story of this little one and LPC promised to pray and more gifts were given to ensure that what was needed would be provided.

Some of you will remember the story.

Yesterday during a break time, Dr. Dave Schaebler called me over to introduce me to a young woman carrying a very healthy three year old on her hip. Yes, was the young woman who had lost her sister during childbirth a little over three years ago. And the little girl was the baby she had promised to care for as best she could. She had kept her promise.

Like the gospel, the work we do here and the gospel work all of us are called to do at home always means caring for, saving, one life at a time.

Thankful for his grace.