January 17 – Tell Me the Stories of Jesus You Love to Hear


First, apologies for a late edition this week.  Friday was taken up with a pastoral care concern and marked by the abundant mercies of our God.  It was a long, but very good day.

Surely nearly every American would recognizes the faces on the collage to be the face of Jesus seen through the eyes of various artists, some who use canvas and some who use film, some who lived long ago and some who are our contemporaries.

Which of the images best speaks to your understanding of Jesus?  Yes, sixteen different images – there could have been a thousand.

Each of us “sees” Jesus a little differently.   If we are to see the same Jesus, however we might imagine his the contours of his face and the color of his eyes, we must listen to the same stories of Jesus, the stories of Jesus told in the pages of the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  One of the jobs of God the Holy Spirit is to bring the stories of Jesus told in Scripture to life in our hearts, to let our eyes see Jesus as he really is.

Tomorrow’s sermon will explore that role of the Holy Spirit just a bit, the ways in which the Holy Spirit is the first, and always the most important, evangelist.

So what are the stories of Jesus you love to hear?  You’ll have an opportunity during the sermon to tell the rest of us which stories help you see Jesus.  Pre-worship homework, then:  which stories of Jesus do you most love to hear?

See you tomorrow!