Daily Archives: December 2, 2016

December 2 – Why the Good News is not Fake News

You may have heard of fake news. It’s been in the news. In its simplest form, fake news is just the grandson of the grocery store tabloid, the estranged daughter of an old Gray Lady. Whether your motive is profit or propaganda, just about anyone has the ability to become a purveyor of fake news. Set up a website, give it a name that fits your cause – federalnews.com or celebritybuzz.net (don’t worry, they’re fake; I’m thinking of buying the domains) – and start writing all the news that’s fit to entice.

During the last election one fake news site posted a story about the Pope endorsing Donald Trump and then watched as it was Facebook shared and re-tweeted a hundred thousand times. Another said it had evidence that Hillary Clinton was using a body double as she convalesced in Chappaqua from some life-threatening illness. Continue reading