Daily Archives: June 9, 2017

June 9 – LPC: Poo Poo Heads Welcome

I found it under a pew.  We had a funeral at the church this week, so before the service I went into the sanctuary just to neaten up a bit.  There were some Sunday bulletins in the pew racks and an upside down hymnal or two.  And an offering envelope on the floor.

Of course we know that pew envelopes are used mostly as notepaper or scratch pads.  We buy them by the hundreds and aren’t too concerned that few of them ever make it into the offering plate.  And, yes, I realize not all the notes taken during worship are to record an especially well made or insightful point from the sermon.

Written on the back of the pew envelope and then dropped on the sanctuary floor after this past Sunday’s service, I assume, was this note, “You are a poo poo head.”  I have some idea of who usually sits in that part of the room, but far be it from me to try to guess the author or the recipient of the note.  Was it sibling to sibling?  Maybe spouse to spouse depending on how the morning had gone.  Was it declarative or accusative? Continue reading