Daily Archives: June 16, 2017

June 16 – Good and Faithful Fathers

The commercial holidays are always problematic in the church, especially those that appeal to sentiment and know there’s nothing like a little guilt and sense of obligation to motivate the reluctant gift giver. Valentine’s, Mother’s, and Father’s Days come to mind.

Besides our unwitting collaboration in hawking unneeded stuff, the commercial holidays often demand that we view our complicated and hard world with a sweet simplicity that does us no good.

So maybe I woke up in a bad mood

We are going to take note of Father’s Day in our worship this Sunday. At the 9:15 service, as many men as are able will join our “Men’s Instant Chorus.” I love that tradition. We are going to sing “Faith of Our Fathers” in all its exclusionary glory, noting not just the faithful women and men who have lived their faith into our lives, but particularly those good and faithful dads who may have been a part of our lives. Continue reading