Daily Archives: June 30, 2017

June 30 – Beware Dancing Elephants

Our Brazil Mission Team leaves for Belo Horizonte late afternoon, Monday, July 17, arriving some twenty hours later around noon on Tuesday.  But the work of our team does not begin that Tuesday morning when ten bleary-eyed Americanos emerge from the baggage claim area at Aeroporto Confins.

For the past two months, the ten of us – Fred, Beau, Mark, Sue, Jake, Eva, Brian, Cathy, Becky, and I – have been about the work of the team. We have been learning language and singing songs.  We’ve been challenged to think that the work of our team is not so much working as it is being; being a listener, a learner, and an encourager, being a friend and a follower. We have used some amazing materials that may help us avoid the pitfall of hurting as we try to help.

We’ve been warned about being a dancing elephant. Continue reading