Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

July 7 – Sometimes a Friendship Surprises

Our Brazil Mission Team leaves for South America on Monday, July 17, still ten days away.  As they travel, the team members will be under the able leadership of Brian Jennings, since Becky and I won’t be with them on their flight. We will be in Brazil awaiting their arrival.  Becky and I are leaving for Brazil this coming Wednesday and will make a stop in a small city north of São Paulo before taking a short flight to Belo Horizonte to be in town in time to greet the rest of the team as they arrive for the week of mission and ministry; learning, encouraging, and engaging.

For four days we will be in Hortolândia enjoying an amazing friendship with Renato and Karem.  We first met Renato in 2004 and Karem a year later.  Renato, then a young Presbyterian elder, along with his pastor and another elder, had made a nine hour overnight car trip from Hortolândia to Belo Horizonte for a two hour meeting where we would discuss congregation to congregation mission partnerships.  They were hoping I might be able to do some matchmaking between their church and a church in the United States. Continue reading