July 20 – A Very Good Day

Yesterday was the first full day for the full team on the ground in Brazil. The work has begun! So what did we do? We had a picnic. It may be the most important day of the trip. God’s call to the team is to listen and learn, encourage and engage. A picnic is a good way to answer the call.

Today we begin the work of EBF, Vacation Bible School. By Saturday afternoon we may have reached over 300 kids from the favela. But the work of EBF work is side by side work, following our leaders work. It is work to be done by friends in the family of Christ. So as we hiked and sang and talked ate, played a little American baseball and Brazilian Corta Três, seeds of friendship were planted. The work at EBF and, who knows, for years to come, is the work that only friends are able to accomplish.

Listen and learn, encourage and engage. Pray for the bonds of friendship to grow strong as we work together.

Em Cristo,